Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ancient notes from my wall calendar.

This breaks two rules. Well, one really, but so important they wrote it out twice, or should have done.

Never indulge in cute kids' quotes.

And here I am doing it. Soon I'll be reduced to eyeballing babies in prams (I always find I look away first) and nodding benevolently as the recorders shrill the note of death into my brain.

These are things that Beth and Leo said during 2000 that I noted on our wall calendar as being memorable in some way. My mother had died recently (30th December 1999 - honestly some people are just so selfish). I assume that's why death crops up a bit in their conversations. Or maybe they just like talking about it.

At the start of the year, Beth was six; Leo nearly four and Deborah not yet born.

No quotes. Everyone too sad.

Beth (playing the same bit of music over and over again until I could have screamed - and may well have done): 'I'm greedy with my favourite songs.'

Me, to Beth: 'Where's Dad?'
Beth. 'Upstairs.'
Me: Can you go and get him?'
Beth: Why? - I didn't put him there.'

Leo, talking about his breakfast with certain note of resignation:
'I'm preparing for boiled eggs.'

Beth (to me)
'Don't get cross while I'm at school. I'm not there to control you.'

Overheard from a children's cartoon:
'Subdue him, then bring him to me.'
Not a quote from my children, but felt it was an instruction that would help my parenting enormously.

Overheard as children playing schools together:
'Granny could be death monitor.'

'Let's play we're death.'

Beth, after Francis had endured particuarly horrid dental treatment and was complaining about the pain.
'At least we have my teeth.'

That's quite enough. Phew. I'm just going to go and crush a few hamsters underfoot until I'm back to normal again.


Mum Gone Mad said...

Lol, very good made me smile :) wish I was so organised mine say stuff and five minutes later I'm struggling to remember the exact cute thing they said luv Karen x

The Gossamer Woman said...

That was cute, though, and I enjoyed it. I never thought to write these things down and you were smart to do it.

I don't care much for hamsters, so go ahead and crush a couple (with your high heeled boots?).

Maternal Tales said...

Hello there. Thought I'd pop by and say hello. Cute quotes. I like the February and March ones. And don't be too hard on yourself - kiddie quotes are just too cute to ignore!

Omega Mum said...

Mum gone Mad: Glad you liked it. I write things down because if you're holding a pencil it's that much harder to grab a kitchen knife and run amok with it at the same tim.

The Gossamer Woman: Have used up hamsters ...thanks for the permission to go ahead.

Maternal Tales: Lovely to see you here. Will come on over.

Mum Gone Mad said...

Thanks for the comments, I have just noticed an eerie, synchronicity type thing, in that you have mentioned the word amok in your comment reply and I have used that very word in my blog this evening. Lol it's not a word I use everyday either lol, thanks again luv Karen x

Omega Mum said...

Amok, eh? Well, I'm featured banjaxed tomorrow...how about you?

Mum Gone Mad said...

Ooh now banjaxed, there's a challenge if ever I saw one lol, thinking hat on now :)nite luv Karen ... wanders off muttering "banjaxed...?"

Cath said...

Those are worryingly logical. :)

Anonymous said...

You have a great wall calendar, love the one about dad being upstairs.

CJ xx

Potty Mummy said...

Definitely all worth sharing.

Iota said...

"Subdue him. Then bring him to me." Yes, yes, yes. I could have used that on so may occasions.

I do write my kids' cute sayings down. I occasionally put them on my blog (sorry). Have just come here from posting one such actually.

Expat mum said...

Hilarious. Especially the part about crushing hamsters.

ModernMom said...

Hee Hee Cute quotes. Wish I had thought to keep all my cuties in one spot on the calender instead of trying to rely on my brain :)

kestrel said...

Good on the kids cos they speak the truth. The teacher once asked my daughter's class, "What do you call people who poach animals and plants." She shot her hand up and said,"----holes!" She was sent to the disciplinary teacher.

Mya said...

If you continue in this vein, soon you'll be making one of those nauseating light entertainment docs for ITV where kids 'say the darndest things'...seek out hamsters asap. However, I did like Beth's 'I didn't put him there' comment...shows early spirit.

Mya x

Omega Mum said...

Mum gone mad. Well, I failed on banjaxed. How did you do? Will come and see.

Cath: Logic is always worrying. That's why I make a habit of avoiding it like the plague.

CJ: It's all a rod for your own back. Too tired to write down anything Deborah said and she now appears to have been mute all her life.

Potty Mummy: Glad you liked them.

Iota: Am so happy to hear you say that. It always worries me to be overtaken by a cute moment. Will come and see.

Expat Mum: Little devils hid, too, when they heard me coming. I think they pick up psychic vibes through their revolting yellow teeth.

Modern Mum: Never rely on your brain. I did, once. Never again.

Kestral: That child of yours needs her own blog, chat show and agent. She's wasted at school.

Mya: You are so right. It won't happen again. It was cheap, easy blogging and I am shamed. Hey, ho.

modokoperde said...

Me, to Beth: 'Where's Dad?'
Beth. 'Upstairs.'
Me: Can you go and get him?'
Beth: Why? - I didn't put him there.'

good enough for me