Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The hair straightener solution

I'm waiting to collect Beth from sports training. She's late, no doubt because she's trying to straighten her hair: currently her answer to all problems, big and small, and no doubt something that would form a cornerstone of her considered approach to global warming, food shortages and the ethics of bio-crops.

Two boys, who are about her age, saunter past, deep in conversation:

"Mine knows how much homework I've got but she's still on at me, all the time. 'Get up.' 'You need to need to help.' 'I can't do this on my own.' She just doesn't realise how tired I am after a full day at school."

"Mine does it all. No stopping her. But her timing! She waits until I've finished my homework and I'm watching something really good on TV and then it starts. BZZZZZZZZ...And if it's football, you can guarantee she'll be vacuuming right in front of the screen just when they score the vital goal. I ask her to move but of course she doesn't take any notice."

"Mothers," the boys agree, shaking their heads in disbelief. "Why do they do it to us?"

And at that moment, they have no idea how lucky they are. Because if I had access to rope, a power source and Beth's hair straightener, I can pretty much guarantee that I could really help them change their minds about mothers - permanently.


Irene said...

What in the world are you planning on doing to them? My imagination is working overtime, or is it something very innocent?

Cath said...

And they probably would not feel quite so tired after a "full" day at school.

Since when did they do a "full" day at school anyway? I think I missed that one... :0)

Potty Mummy said...

Oh god. If my youngest could speak, that's exactly what he'd say. EXACTLY. (Hopefully, by the time he can speak he'll have worked out when to keep his mouth shut).

Anonymous said...

Hello - I've just dropped by and feel I have to join in.

The girls in our swimming club keep telling me I have to buy hair straighteners for my eldest son. Why? I ask. Buy then yourselves I tell them. But you've just given me the perfect reason for buying them for that idle male, although perhaps it's not the reason the girls had in mind.

Alda said...

Oh how I can relate. I guess our only consolation is that one day they will grow up and have teenagers of their own. Heheh. We'll have the last laugh.

Louise Mitchell said...

Your posting brought back memories of when I was child who longed for staight sleek hair rather than the flyaway waves I had been given. I went through a stage of ironing my hair - yup, ironing board up, hot iron and damp cloth. I was lucky I never incinerated myself!