Saturday, 5 April 2008

That sort of a week

It's been the sort of week when complete strangers very nearly pause and ask if I'm all right before hastily remembering not to care - after all, this is Britain - and pushing past me, a shudder of disbelief vibrating in their slipstream.

Cars accelerate towards me, apparently motivated by a genuine and well-intentioned desire to put me out of my misery instead instead of merely seeking to experience the thrill of reaching the next red light slightly faster than everyone else.

And, as I load the shopping into the trolley one afternoon, it seems only appropriate that, as I pay, I notice that I'm standing opposite a bright red sign that could have been made especially for me.

"Pull your bag here," it says. I wait for 15 minutes, but nobody comes. As I say, it's been that sort of a week.


softinthehead said...

Oooh dear - sounds like a rough week, can I prescribe alcohol (I had to spell check that - it didn't look right - and I haven't been self medicating - honest.) Preferably a full bodied red. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear OM, you seem a bit down! Doesn't Megadik know how to cheer you up?

CJ xx

Cath said...

You'll wait for ever in Britain. You'd still be there now...

And is bad Lindy for real? I think she might be your alter ego... ;0)

Irene said...

Oh, it's killing me! I don't get it. It will take me hours to figure this out. I hope I have a "Eureka" moment later today.

Casdok said...

Oh dear. Hope next week improves!

Rosie said...

I'm laughing, but I'm not sure I should be!

Mya said...

Well...if it's any consolation it's Monday tomorrow, so you can draw a line under the week just gone. Think positive thoughts and with luck, the coming week will bring much happiness,cheerful missives from Megadik,the news that Sacha has fallen under a bus, and that Martha has ended up on toast.

Mya x

Omega Mum said...

Soft in the head. Cracking advice. I take it you're in the medical profession?

CJ: It does, but wine works even better. Cheers

Crazycath. Bad Lindy is more than real. She's 3D plus.

Sweet I: I am sorry. I will be clearer next post. Well, I'll try.

Casdok: Thank you!

Rosie: You should. Honestly. It brought a wry smile to my lips.

Mya: Per ardua ad glorium. Yes, indeedy.